Recommended Products For Your Highland Lynx Kitten

We only recommend the highest quality products for our Highland Lynx and Desert Lynx cats and kittens. On this page you will find only the very best cat toys, cat food, and other cat products. And we will be adding our favorites as we go, so keep checking back!


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 Primal Freeze Dried Cat food makes an excellent snack or a complete meal. We use the Primal frozen raw and the freeze dried (just rehydrate with water) for our furr babies!

Highland Lynx kittens snacking


JoyKatz Walking Jackets
Aneta's Walking Jackets are made with three layers of fabric, double and sometimes even quadruple stitching, two rings, then heavy duty velcro making these the strongest 'cat jackets' on the market!!
Please tell them Holly sent you!!

 Safety Katz Walking Jackets

Email Aneta at:

Safety Katz Walking Jacket - Zebra (Then click on Walking Jackets)For the pricing, sizing and the huge variety of wonderful designs!



 Safety Katz Walking Jacket 3

You can Call Aneta at:


While we do not ever recommend dry cat food alone for any cat (where would they get dry food in nature???), we do feed out kitties Grain-Free dry foods for a night-time snack. We recommend one of two brands: Orijen (organs, cartilage, etc.) or Nature's Variety Instinct dry cat food (with raw coating).

Highland Lynx kittens eating lunch


~Granny Bells Custom Made Stud Pants & Princess Panties~

These awesome britches for cats were inspired by Molly Barr of Mythicbells Persian and Nancy Boyer talented seamstress. They have changed our lives for the better after having a couple pairs made for our stud, Storm who was marking his territory more intensely each year! If you have a cat that pees in the house for any reason, you should give these a try, they are especially awesome for males. (Tell them Holly in Va. sent you!)

 Highland Lynx cat in stud pants Highland lynx stud pants  Highland lynx in Princess panties 

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