For Purr...An American Bobtail Cat

It was evening and a strange noise caught my ear at the back of the house. I was alone and not excited about strange sounds at night in the country. What was out there? There was scratching and some sort of odd crying sounds. No way was I going out to find out what kind of creature it was. The doors were locked and I went to bed hoping I would hear no more. I soon fell asleep in spite of my unrest.

In the morning I went outside to investigate and found the evidence of a small path leading underneath the side of the house. Faint cries were coming from under the room. I hurried to get my nephew (who was a whole lot skinnier) to investigate.  

American Bobtail Cat imageCautiously with a flashlight, Gabe crawled under the house and started chuckling. In a minute his arm came back out holding a newborn kitten. Then another and another until there were four. Two furry gray and two velvet black. We were amazed to see two of them had only tiny fluff balls for tails.

I took the babies and their Momma into my bathroom and made them a nest and there they lived till they were old enough to be adopted. I fell in love with the soft gray bobtail kitten with the loudest motor and he became my beloved Purr. (I later learned that he was the offspring of an American Bobtail Cat).

Purr was one of the smartest, most loyal cats I have ever shared my life with. He was my shy, beautiful shadow. He hunted with his Mom in the woods and then came home to crawl in my lap and cuddle. When something happened to his Mom a few years later, Purr and I became even closer. We experienced one of those rare and precious relationships of purrrrfect communication.

I would laugh when Purr stalked my canine child, a small mixed breed dog named Hugs and the 3 of us often took hikes together. I worried sometimes when Purr was out hunting and gone at night. I once almost had heart failure when my sister (who lived just down the lane) called to say 2 big red foxes had cornered him in a drainage pipe. (The foxes were gone by the time I got there or I would have taken them on with my bare hands.)

Purr An American Bobtail Cat imageI was concerned about Purr's reaction when I got married for the first time in my mid-forties, but he knew somehow that Doug was an important part of the equation and amazingly accepted him as he had not accepted another single human in my life.

Purr and I were family for nearly 12 years before he went back to be with the Shepherd who gave him life and allowed him to share mine. In January of 2010 he died due to a deadly reaction to his flea drops/wormer. I cannot imagine a life without all my furr babies, but there will never be another Purr. I will miss him forever!
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THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO The Good Shepherd and MY BELOVED AMERICAN BOBTAIL CAT, PURR. (It is his sweet face in the clouds on the home page.)

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