*So sorry we have NO MORE Kittens Available For Sale as we have retired all of our breeding cats*

We are very honored by your consideration of our kittens for sale. We will do everything in our power to make your purchase of a sweet Highland Lynx kitten or Desert Lynx cub, a fabulous one. When we sell you a kitten we want you to know we will also be there for you in the followingShepherds Lair Highland Lynx kittens for sale image months for any questions or help you may need.

We guarantee our kittens health for 3 days (72 hours) after purchase! During these 3 days you may take him/her to the vet to be tested if you have any concerns. If you plan to do this you must keep the kitten away from all other pets to avoid injury or infection. Exposing them to other pets in that time will void our guarantee. In the unlikely event that the vet finds a serious, life threatening problem we will either pay to have it treated or take the kitten back and refund all but the initial deposit.

Unfortunately, like all businesses, we must have standards and guidelines for what we do. If you have questions or comments about those we have listed anywhere on this site, we welcome you to write us via the "contact us" page on the menu.

* All of our cats and kittens for sale are registered with the R.E.F.R. (Rare and Exotic Feline Registry) and some also with TICA as Highlander Cats.

 A couple of notes regarding how we price our kittens for sale: Highland Lynx and kittens image

1.) We feed all of our Highland Lynx cats and Desert Lynx kittens a Species Appropriate diet of organic and/or raw food formulas. These foods are the highest quality and designed to keep our beautiful animals as healthy as God intended them to be. This also gives you as the buyer the opportunity to buy a pet that is in the best possible condition.

2.) We have seen a good deal of evidence/research showing the destructive results of vaccines and thus have chosen not to administer them to our cats beyond rabies, which is required by law. (Read More about Vaccines here.)


Highland Lynx Cat and Cub image**If you wish us to hold one of the Highland Lynx or Desert Lynx kittens for sale, there will be a NON-refundable $150 deposit. (Contact Us for instructions.)

**All kittens for sale are sold as PETS ONLY!! An agreement to spay or neuter your kitten at the appropriate age will be part of the buyer/seller contract (at which time you will receive their registration papers).

* We have chosen not put our cats on airplanes, but we may be able to drive an hour or so to meet you. We also know of a personal pet delivery service available for an extra fee.

*Smokers will be considered as potential Pet Parents, ONLY if ALL smoking is done outdoors.


* Desert Lynx kittens $600 to $800
* Highland Lynx kittens $700 to $900

*We do not dock the tails of our kittens for sale. Any short/bobbed tails are natural.

*Sometimes kittens are born in rare or unusual colors or markings (for example: cameo, chocolate, smoke, red, snow, mink, etc.) These cubs will cost extra!

*We do not sell our cats as breeders but as PETS ONLY!


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