Highland Lynx Snow Leopard - King Storm

Snow Storm is a mink lynx point Snow Leopard Highland Lynx cat. He was the King of our small pride of cats and father of all of our kittens born at the Shepherd's Lair. Storm is a gorgeous friendly, gentle giant of a bobtail cat. At only 6 months he weighed 11lbs. At 5yrs. he is now over 18lbs. of sweet snow leopard!

I always imagined having an exotic cat, perhaps a real snow leopard or some other sort of wild bobtail cat, but would NEVER try to make a pet of such a beautiful, free wild animal. In the Highland Lynx and Storm in particular, I found that dream fulfilled!!!!

Storm has it all, a natural bobtail, curled ears, polydactyl feet, and a sweet personality! The following pictures show this gorgeous little guy progressing from kittenhood into all his beautiful glory. He is truly a stunning example of a Highland Lynx cat.


Highland lynx kitten image

Precious at 6 Weeks


Highlander kitten image

   10 Weeks and look at those vivid Blue Marble eyes!                                


Snow Leopard in Virginia

3 Months and Beautiful


Highland Lynx at Shepherds Lair image

5 months and very much a King already.


Highlander at Shepherds Lair image

Look at those huge paws and frosty eyes at 7 months!

pictures of cats Highland lynx image  

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