Highland Lynx Snow Leopard - King Storm

Snow Storm is a mink lynx point Snow Leopard Highland Lynx cat. He is now the King of our small pride of cats and father of all of our kittens for sale. Storm is a gorgeous friendly, gentle giant of a bobtail cat. At only 6 months he weighed 11lbs. At 2yrs. he is now over 18lbs. of sweet snow leopard!

I always imagined having an exotic cat, perhaps a real snow leopard or some other sort of wild bobtail cat. In the Highland Lynx and Storm in particular, I found that dream.

Storm has it all, a natural bobtail, curled ears, polydactyl feet, and a sweet personality! The following pictures show this little Highlander progressing from kittenhood into all his beautiful glory. He is truly a stunning example of a Highland Lynx bobtail cat.


Highland lynx kitten image

Precious at 6 Weeks


Highlander kitten image

   10 Weeks and look at those vivid Blue Marble eyes!                                


Snow Leopard in Virginia

3 Months and Beautiful


Highland Lynx at Shepherds Lair image

5 months and very much a King already.


Highlander at Shepherds Lair image

Look at those huge paws and frosty blue eyes at 7 months!

pictures of cats Highland lynx image  

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