Highland Lynx Cat Information Part 1

(This is one of 3 pages of Highland Lynx information. See links at bottom. Also if you would like to learn more about the effects of vaccines on your Highland Lynx or Desert Lynx please read this page.)

HIghland Lynx kittensMany people have asked for Highland Lynx information such as what the difference is between a Highland Lynx cat, or a Highlander and an ordinary domestic cat. Here is some Highland Lynx information that may help to answer those sorts of questions.

To explain how they are different I would begin with their history and origin. In 1995 the first Highland Lynx kittens were born at Joe's Timberline Cattery in N.C., a result of a cross between Desert Lynx cats and Jungle Curl Cats. highlander kitten image

Desert Lynx cats are believed by some to have originally have been hybrids of domestic cat breeds (such as Maine Coon or American Bobtail) and a wild bobcat (American), though this has not been proven. The Jungle Curl cats are also a hybrid mix of domestic curled ear cats (such as the Hemingway Curl or possibly the American Curl) with the African Jungle cat (Found in Egypt, Asia, India, etc).


Although I summarized the Highland Lynx cat personality on the first page, there are a couple more items worthy of note. These cats have been carefully bred to promote the most loving of temperaments. However they will not sit around your house all day looking cute. They love to play and climb cat trees. They will chase through the house like wild elephants at time and can be quiet or talkative depending on the cat. When they do talk to you, be sure there is something important on their mind.

Besides being affectionate and outgoing to folks they are familiar with, they warm readily to visitors and other animals. The Highland Lynx bobtail cat is known for it's patience and tolerance of children and other pets, as well as it's quick intelligence and trainability.



Though they are now quite a few generations removed from their wild ancestry you would Desert Lynx kittenexpect the Highlander to have the appearance and size of a more exotic wild-cat, as indeed they do.

The Highland Lynx is a larger than average, muscular cat with long hind legs. The average house cat weighs somewhere between 6 and 10 lbs. An average bobcat in the wild is generally 15 to 35 lbs. Highland Lynx cats are not fully mature until around 3 years old, but when they reach their full size the males often weigh 12-25 lbs. and females 8-16 lbs.


(The Highlander cat is the TICA version of the Highland Lynx cat which originated in the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry or REFR.)


Silver Leopard highland lynx imageThey can come in a huge variety of beautiful colors and coat patterns, such as ebony, blue, sorrel, fawn, marble, chocolate, lilac, red, silver, cameo, sepia, mink, and snow and cream. The coat pattern underlying these gorgeous colors can be clouded leopard (smoky), tawny (ticked markings), and spotted leopard. There are also solid markings and the more classic tabby colors.


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