The Marvelous Highland Lynx

(This is one of 3 pages of information about Highland Lynx Cats. See links at bottom.) If you would like to see pictures of our past Highland Lynx cubs click here.
Highland Lynx cub
A great deal of good information has been written about bobtail cats and Highland Lynx cats by Highland Lynx breeders and others, but it seems to me you can't get too much information on these wonderful cats. Therefore, I will add my voice to the mix.

 About Highland Lynx Cats

The American Bobtail Cat was noted as a breed around 1960 and was thought to be a hybrid of a bobcat and a domestic cat due to it's shortened tail. American Bobtail Cats gained notoriety due to their wild look and sweet temperment. While their exact origins cannot be proven, the lovable bobtail cat has become extremely popular.

Highland Lynx imageIn the years since, Bobtail Cats have been used as a foundation line for creating an amazing number of variations, my personal favorite being the Highland Lynx Bobtail Cat.

Highland Lynx cats are among the most intelligent of the cat breeds. I have seen repeated evidence of their trainability, whereas with some cats I have owned it was much more difficult to make behavior changes, especially once they were adults.

To share an example - we installed a cat door that leads onto a screened in porch. Our rescue cats don't care for the pet door and did not catch on immediately. Our Highland Lynx (cats and kittens) were going in and out at will within a week .

The Highland Lynx are cautious at first, but friendly even to people they do not know. To their family they are abundantly loving and affectionate and often listen for the sound of your vehicle or voice and meet you at the door. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THESE CATS FORM STRONG BONDS WITH THEIR PEOPLE AND CAN BECOME STRESSED BY CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP.

They are also very playful and have good energy, bringing great entertainment with their wild spurts of racing around the house, chasing each other and playing with their toys. Our Desert Lynx girl even "taught us" to play fetch with her favorite spring toys!

Our cats are also excellent hunters and love to find a bug or a lizard on the porch. Though we live in the country, mousetraps are rarely needed with these cats around.

Highland Lynx Breeders

In our experience the Highland Lynx is one of the most well-balanced breeds of cat. With an adjustment period, they get along well with other cats, dogs, children, etc.

For more technical detail about coat color, breed standards, size, etc. check out our other pages on Highland Lynx cat breed information:
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