Healthy Cat Foods For Your Lynx Cats

We have had many people over the years ask what healthy cat food consists of & what kind of diet we feed our exotic cats, dogs and other farm animals to keep them so healthy. The answer is that we feed a diet as close to what they would have been eating in nature as possible. We believe there could be no better plan than the one given by their Creator.

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All cats and dogs in the wild would eat a diet of primarily raw meat (including bones) and a smaller % of vegetation. It seems logical that the more we can mimic those natural conditions, the healthier our cats and other pet/farm animals will be.

Our Highland Lynx cats and Desert Lynx are fed a raw grain-free diet for cats and/or organic cat food (hormone and antibiotic free). In nature a cat's diet would be primarily moist food as they are designed to get moisture from their prey. Because of that we only put dry food out at night for a light snack and never as a meal. Moist food also helps to protect your cats from a variety of kidney related diseases common in felines, and often caused by dehydration and a lack of water in their diet.......(WHERE WOULD CATS GET DRY FOOD IN NATURE???)

Healthy Cat Food Ingredients

Cat grass for Highland Lynx Cats imageIt is important that cats be fed primarily Grain-free foods as they are not able to digest carbohydrates well. There will be more digestive upsets when cats are fed grains (especially soy, corn and wheat), so we avoid them.

Some other ingredients to stay away from are any "meat by-products", food colorings, synthetic vitamins and minerals (a potentially toxic type of iron is called ferrous sulfate), gluten, corn, wheat, chemical preservatives and fillers such as white rice.

**For indoor cats, a very important ingredient for health is access to green, growing things. Contrary to popular belief, cats do not just eat grass when they are sick. Cat grass can be grown indoors or out in pans, pots, window boxes, etc. Cat grass is organic wheat grass and/or barley grass and the seed can be found in most health food stores (or you can buy it online at one of the links below). Just look for organic wheat berries or whole barley, plant the seeds in container and sprinkle lightly with good potting soil. Water it and watch your cats enjoy it as it grows.

mink highland lynx For those who are interested in feeding raw cat food and/or organic cat food, I am listing some links  and companies that we consider to be of the best quaility below. These are for the companies we use or have used. Our cats love these healthy cat foods.

If you would like to know how to transition your cat to raw pet food, we would be glad to help. Simply email your question to us using our Contact Us page.


If you would like to learn more about how vaccines can affect your cat or kitten, read here.

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Aunt Jeni's Raw Food

Primal Freeze Dried Cat food


Organic Canned Cat Food (Newman's Own)

Organic Canned Cat Food (Castor and Pollux)


Orijen is probably the best dry food on the market! But remember not to feed it as a meal, but rather a snack or supplemental food.

  Grain Free Cat Food

Nature's Variety Instinct dry cat food with RAW Coating

Feeding your exotic cats as they were designed them to eat will improve their lifespan and health.

*Note: Smoking indoors will destroy much of the good done by providing a healthy diet to your cat. Please do not consider buying an exotic cat unless all smoking is done outdoors.

*2nd Note PLEASE AVOID the anesthetic KETAMINE and the post-surgery pain med METACAM. BOTH of these drugs have proven deadly to exotic cats!!!!

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