Highland Lynx KITTENS!

Land of the Lynx kittens for sale!!!

"Land of the Lynx", our Sister Cattery in Kentucky has a litter of Highland Lynx Kittens for sale! 

The Mother is our very own Shepherd's Lair Queen Mochi and the Dad is King Sebastian of SherBobs Exotics! Contact Rebecca soon to choose one of these gorgeous cubs!
Ph. 270-302-2671 or 270-525-5003. Or visit their website at www.LandoftheLynx.com.

STUNNING Lynx Kittens Available!

Land of the Lynx KittenLand of the Lynx kittens2

Land of the Lynx kittens3Land of the Lynx kittens4

All of our Highland Lynx Cats are now RETIRED and living the life of spoiled furr babies and beloved pets! We adore the Highland Lynx and are sad to give up breeding them, but we are getting older & have both had some back problems that have slowed us down.

Shepherds Lair Highland Lynx 

***However we are staying involved with the breed in a variety of ways, including working with and referring folks to some of the Highest Quality Breeders!!!

Just send me an email and I would be HAPPY to provide a recommendation for an Excellent, trustworthy Highland Lynx breeder who has gorgeous, healthy Highland lynx kittens available!


Please feel free to CONTACT US.  

You can see pictures of our past Highland Lynx kitten/cats Here 

Highland Lynx cats at the Shepherds Lair image


 Check out our current Highland Lynx Calendar! There is a new one published each year!!


ABOUT HIGHLAND LYNX KITTENS: We do not believe in caging cats (unless they are ill and it is for their own protection). We do have outdoor Catitats for them to play or spend time in. The cats in our home are like children and share all our living spaces.

Click this link, if you would like to read some comments from our past kitten buyers.

Highlander kittens for sale image 
Summer litter 2013 from Kisha and Storm

If you have any questions you are welcome to send us an email on the Contact Us page. 

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WARNING: When getting your cat spayed or neutered consider asking your Vet NOT to use Ketamine as the anesthetic or Metacam as the post-surgery pain med!!! Many exotic cats have had serious side effects and even died due to a reaction to these drugs. 

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