Highland Lynx, Desert Lynx and Bobtail Kittens For Sale!

So sorry, but all our Highland Lynx Kittens are SOLD!

bobtail kitten 

We have retired our older Highland Lynx cats (Queens), so they can enjoy the relaxed life of a beloved pet...and our youngest Queen is not yet old enough to breed. Also at this point in time we are not sure when we will have further litters due to a health issue in our family.


If you would like a recommendation for a Quality, trustworthy Highland Lynx breeder who currently has healthy Highland lynx kittens available, please feel free to CONTACT US.  

You can see pictures of our past Highland Lynx kitten/cats Here 

Highland Lynx cats at the Shepherds Lair image



And our 2015 Highland Lynx Calendar!!


ABOUT OUR HIGHLAND LYNX KITTENS: We do not ever cage our Highland Lynx or Desert Lynx cats or kittens, though we do have outdoor Catitats for them to play or spend time in. We are purely an in home Highland Lynx furr family, meaning the cats are raised in our home and underfoot (literally). We treat each of the Highland Lynx kittens for sale as if it were going to be ours forever. When you purchase one it has been lovingly socialized, occasionally groomed and exposed to a variety of experiences.

Click this link, if you would like to read some comments from our past kitten buyers.

*PLEASE NOTE: Highland Lynx and Desert Lynx cats can develop strong bonds with their human companions. Changes in ownership after bonding can be stressful for them. If you have questions about whether this is the kind of cat for you, PLEASE DO read this site thoroughly and feel free to ask us questions.

Highlander kittens for sale image 
Summer litter 2013 from Kisha and Storm

-- For more information on our Highland Lynx bobtail kittens for sale, view our pricing page. If you have any questions you are welcome to send us an email on the Contact Us page. We are located near Roanoke, Va.

-- If you would like to learn about how vaccines can affect your pet click on the following link http://www.shepherdslairbobtailcats.com/about-vaccinations.html.

WARNING: When getting your cat spayed or neutered ask your Vet NOT to use Ketamine as the anesthetic!!! Many exotic cats have had serious side effects and even died due to a reaction to this drug. 

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