More Than Highland Lynx Lovers: The Farm


Although we are bobtail cat Caretakers, (Highland Lynx in particular) there are many creatures that live within the Shepherd's Lair, the Highland Lynx cats being the most recent addition. (Click here if you would like to see past pictures of our Highland Lynx cats.)

It began with Holly's love of cats in adopting 2 stray cats (one being Purr, an American Bobtail) and a Pekingese mix dog she named Hugs. From there it grew to be a small farm with a variety of animals, all productive in some way to their caretakers and neighbors.

Doug and Holly currently have 8 acres on which we keep American Alpine goats, (a dairy breed), African guinea fowl, 3 Hens and a Rooster named Lucas, Highland Lynx Bobtail cats, and several other feline and canine rescues. The goats provide us with milk and keep their area of the farm mowed. The guineas keep down the tick population as well as other bad bugs. The adopted cats thin out the mice and moles. The dogs scare away critters like foxes and coyotes, the chickens keep us in eggs and of course our Highland Lynx cats provide companionship as well as great entertainment. We hope you enjoy a few of our favorite farm pictures below.


 The Residents:

 American Alpine Goats image
This is Tirzah, the Queen of the herd and her daughter Epiphany; both American Alpine Goats.


  African Guinea Fowl image
Guineas were originally an African bird. They are good watch birds and eat harmful insects. They have real personality and are great fun to watch.


 Pet Dogs image
Buddy (tall) and Lucy (both rescues) help guard the farm and keep Doug company on his ramblings and garden endeavors.


 Guinea Keets image
Baby guineas are adorable bits of fluff called keets. They learn to fly and to catch bugs at a younger age than seems possible.


 Our Stray Pet Cat image
Kenji showed up at our friends house and had kittens under their shed. We helped to find the little darlings homes and then brought Kenji home to be our barn mouser. She is a wonderful pet.

 Shepherds Lair animals image
We found Lucas the Rooster (who is twice the size of our guineas) in our guinea house one night - and so we got Chia and Scarlett to keep him company! They are Rhode Island Red & Buff Orpington mixes and lay delicious eggs.


 American Alpines image
American Alpines are good milk goats that are playful, affectionate and full of spice and independance. They are more likely than most to put up a fight with a predator. I have seen Tirzah take a dog to the ground with her horns!


 American Alpine Doe image
Saysha was named for my two beloved nieces, Shana and Samara. She is an American Alpine goat who's been producing milk for 4 yrs. without kidding (the secret is high quality food).


 Nubian Goats image
Nubian Goats are gentle natured goats with Roman noses, wide floppy ears, and extra creamy milk.






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