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Are You Ready For a Highland Lynx kitten?


Pet Parenting Criteria: 

If you wish to be a pet parent, it is extremely important that both you and your kitten be happy and satisfied with the match. Many nice people think it would be fun to own bobtail cats without being aware of what is entailed in pet parenting for a Highland Lynx kitten. kittens for sale in virginia image

To help you determine whether you are ready for one of these marvelous cats we have put together a checklist of criteria for you to review. If you can answer these questions positively, then the Highland Lynx may be the cat for you.

1. Are you a true cat lover?

We talk to a lot of people who want to buy an exotic cat (that looks like a wild animal), so they can stand out among other pet owners. However if you do not genuinely enjoy cats for themselves and their unique type of companionship, the match will never work. Highlanders and Desert Lynx cats in particular are not good pets for those not prepared to invest time and energy in their well-being.

2. Can you afford to care for a Highland Lynx cat?
Besides the cost of buying your cub, there are a few other investments you will need to make.

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To maintain maximum health, Highland Lynx cats should ideally be fed high quality raw and organic and grain-free foods that are a bit more expensive than average. You will also need occasional vet care for your kitten (ie. Required spay/neuter), a cat tree, nail clippers and so forth.

3. Is someone home a large percentage of the time?

Highland Lynx cats require an investment of time and energy in order to become loving companions. Often exotic cats like the Highland Lynx, which are extra intelligent, will become bored or stressed from lack of attention which can lead to behavioral issues. Highland Lynx cats image

These cats tend to form strong bonds with their human family. If you are not home a large % the day, have more than 3 other indoor pets, or are unable to take the time to train, play with and love your kitten, this is not the breed for you.

4. Are there people in your family who smoke in the house?

According to research, second-hand smoke can be more dangerous to children and pets than if they smoked themselves. Since your kitten cannot choose for itself, it is important that you do not expose it to a smoke clogged environment that can damage it's lungs.

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The lungs of a cat are very tiny compared to a humans. They also inhale more frequently and respirate faster and require fresh, clean air. Whatever is in the air of your home, on the floor or furniture, etc. will be part of what they breathe in and can be very toxic to them. (This includes perfumes, chemical cleaners, etc.)

* If anyone smokes inside your home, please do not consider bringing an exotic cat into it.

5. Do you have a suitable amount of space indoors and/or a safe outdoor area? 

Our precious Highland Lynx kittens are born and raised indoors as part of the family. They are not familiar with outdoor predators, the dangers of highways, etc. Many beautiful exotic cats have been stolen, killed or injured when allowed to roam freely outdoors.

 Shepherds Lair Lynx on Cat Wheel

Since they do need room to play and romp, please be certain you have adequate space indoors, and/or safely fenced outdoor areas (for play, not for their sole housing) for a cat before purchasing one.


Thank You for reading our Pet Parent Criteria!

As you can probably tell, our Highland Lynx cats are very much like children to us. After reading our Criteria, if you feel you are ready for pet parenting, we would love to work with you to help you find the right breeder and kitten.


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